Delivery Guide

Crucial Information Regarding Delivery in UK aims to streamline the ordering processing so that everyone can enjoy a hassle-free platform to buy sleeping pills online. To achieve our motto, we have put a simple yet vital delivery guide to help our customers in finding the best sleeping pills in United Kingdom without anxiousness. Follow the guide to make sure your order is processed seamlessly and accurately.

Receiving Order Anonymously

We truly understand the meaning of absolute privacy and we abide by that. While following our strict guidelines, our team pack your order in a plain brown envelope with no markings or branding at all. We deliver the package in the hands of the customer without disclosing the identity and declaring the contents inside the parcel.

Delivery of the Medications

Pills for Sleeping provides pills to help you sleep and hence we understand the importance of your package and its delivery. Our delivery system solely depends on the location of the order. We are committed to delivering the package within 1 to 3 working days, excluding the weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday.  We do not operate on the weekends hence any orders placed during the weekend would be processed on the first working day i.e. Monday.

For the same day delivery, kindly complete your order processing before 3 pm.

Pills for Sleeping is providing sleeping tablets in UK covering all the cities and states. Due to certain import restrictions, we might sometimes not be able to deliver the package. This implies to different countries as well. In such a case, we will inform the customer regarding order cancelation through phone or email.

Order Not Received

We are steadfast in providing the order at our earliest and hence our shipment process is also robust and dedicated. But sometimes due to unforeseen reasons the order cannot reach by the expected shipment date. The reasons for the delay can be public holidays, issues from the supplier, law and order situation, or issues with the postal system.

Due to incomplete shipment details, many times customer faces delay, and the order returns back to us. Please be informed to provide complete shipment details as we can never be held responsible for such a query. In case you are still not sure why your parcel has not reached to you, email us with your order number and query for tracking and update.

In Case of Order Been Lost

Due to unforeseen circumstances and reasons, the delivery time can be extended. If you haven’t received your order within 28 days of the order and believe it to be lost, misplaced, or undelivered, kindly send us an email to inquire. As soon as we receive a query, we start investigating the process and tries our best to resolve the matter in a reasonable amount of time.

Please be informed 28 days is a tentative period of time, you may contact you as soon as the expected shipment delivery time exceeds. Remember, it is the responsibility of the customer to inform us that they haven’t received their order. We will not be able to process a refund request if the customer fails to follow the mentioned procedure of informing us in time.

Have More Queries?

It is better to know than being sorry for the loss. We not just provide the best sleeping pills in UK but also offer a great communication platform to our customers to resolve their queries. If you have more questions about the order process, kindly visit the About Us page to know more. If your questions about the delivery process, either read our Terms and Conditions or FAQs.

Still not able to resolve your concern? Visit our Contact Us page to inquire about the shipment process and details.