Privacy Policy

At the privacy of the user and protection of their identity is crucial for us. A visitor on our website is always in pursuit of the top 10 sleeping pills in UK and it is our motto to provide them with what they desire. There are a few principles we are following to ensure complete secrecy and clandestineness of our customers and visitors of the website:

  • Pills for Sleeping never ask for personal information unless and until the information is required to process the order.
  • Sharing the information of the customer is forbidden by the law and we comply with that. While protecting your legal rights, we make sure your order is delivered right in front of your doorstep.
  • We never store any information of the customer unless there is a case of repeat order and the customer desire to save the information to avoid the continuous hassle
  • You can read our Privacy Policy below in detail to understand our goals and the principles we abide by.

Website Visitors and Registered Users Information Collection

As similar to other websites, Pills for Sleeping collect some fundamental information from every user. This information includes all non-personal details only, such as the user’s preferred language, time of visitation to the site, browser types and servers, and referring site. This data is collected only to better understand the user of the site. We also collect Internet Protocol (IP) addresses too but only of the registered customers. For complete information, read below to the type of information Pills for Sleeping collect:

  • We collect all types of personal details that are submitted necessary for order processing, such as name, contact details, email address, etc.
  • Collection of data by cookies from users navigation around the Pills for Sleeping website. With this information, we recognize the customer, their preferences, and how they previously used the website. Read below the “Use of Cookies” section for more guidance.
  • Our website automatically collects and stores your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Usage of Collected Information reserves the right to utilize the collected information from the website that the User voluntarily provides. We use the information for the following purposes only:

  • For responding to the queries and requests made by the user.
  • For sending an alert to the user regarding changes in our services or products.
  • For sending a notification upon completion of the requested task such as the delivery of the parcel ordered by the user.
  • Sharing informative material with the client such as promotional emails, newsletters, or other messages.

Security of the Information

With our advanced security system, we ensure complete safety of the information provided by the customer. is using highly advanced and latest Secured Encryption Technology to make sure all the sensitive information is well protected. The banking details shared via email are also end-to-end encrypted making sure none of your personal details are compromised.

Disclosure of Information

Confidentiality and privacy of the user are important to us and takes it seriously. We disclose the information about our customers only under crucial circumstances, which includes:

  • Disclosure of information under legal compulsion. For example, the customer shares any side effects or safety concerns of the medicine. In such a stance, we will share the information with the medicine manufacturer so that they can take immediate and necessary actions.
  • Legally bound to share the information with law enforcement authority or civil administration in lieu of a legal investigation.
  • We never trade your sensitive information with any third party application for the purpose of advertising.

Third Party Links

Pills for Sleeping sporadically use third party links. You may find links and advertisements for third party services and products on our site. These third party applications have their own Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions hence shall not be held responsible for any inappropriate content or activity. We encourage our customer’s feedback in this regard though.

Use of Cookies

Like all other websites, also uses cookies.

Cookies are files that are sent by a web server to the website browser of the user. It stores and enlists the web browser to identify the user when they come the next time. Each time when the user visits the website the information is shared to the server and the web browser helps in the identification and tracking of the user.

There are two types of cookies, a persistent cookie and another is the session cookie. We use persistent cookies only where our server collects the required information regarding the user. It can be lost when the user intendedly deletes it from their browser.

Using the Pills for Sleeping website, every user agrees to our Privacy Policy and gives their consent to to use the cookies as per their privacy policy.

Changes to the Policy

Pills for Sleeping reserves the right to change the policies without informing the users. Mostly there are minor changes to the Privacy Policy, hence it is recommended to keep a track of the updates before you initiate your order.