Refund Policy

Now get the best sleeping tablets in UK from that is committed to providing exceptional customer service to ensure total satisfaction till the end. It is our motto to guide our customers and make sure they are satisfied with their purchases. Our Refund Policy informs the users or customers on how they can return damaged, faulty, or expire medications to our store and claim the refund.

Pills for Sleeping Return & Refund Policy

At our company, we keep a stock of good sleeping pills in UK including anti-anxiety pills, painkillers, and neuropathic pain medicines. The law of the UK never allows to accept the returns of the tablets that meet the standard of quality of the medications instructed by the government. As per the law, the order that has been shipped properly without any damage to the correct address does not fall under the returns policy.

In case your pharmacist or doctor has changed your medications and treatment plan and you have already ordered the previously prescribed medicines that will not return or refund your amount. Though we genuinely suggest you follow the instructions of your doctor only but we are not responsible for the change of your treatment plan.

Only if the package you received is faulty, damaged, soiled, expired, or not what you ordered then you can claim the refund by contacting us via our Contact Us page and send us the email. Please be informed we do not accept any form of accuse regarding the quality of the medicine or the brand once you have started to use it. Once you receive the order please check you received the medicines that you ordered. You cannot claim a refund once you start using the medicine you did not order and received due to our order processing mistake.

When to Apply for a Refund?

As already stated, we never entertain any refund claim once the order has started to process or left our storage facility. You can claim a refund if you have placed the order by mistake and inform us or cancel it before we start processing it. You can claim a refund if the received order is damaged or faulty when it reached you. The claim revokes when the order is damaged, lost, or misplaced by your side.

You can always buy sleeping pills in UK from us at unbeatable prices. reserves the right to deduct some amount from your refundable amount. The deduction is made as per the value of the medication ordered. If you have any query please visit the Terms and Condition or Privacy Policy before placing the order in the first place. If you are ambiguous you may also contact us or email us for clarification.

Charge Back Policy never tolerates chargeback refunds as our competent customer support team is always able to resolve the concerns and problems. In case you raise a chargeback from your debit card or credit card, which you used to place the order in the first place, then we reserve the right to banish and dismiss you from our site. In the future, you will never be able to place an order with or any affiliate websites. Don’t forget cybercrime is an illegal offense and we never appreciate such treatment to our genuine services.