Terms And Conditions

Thank you for choosing pillsforsleeping.com as your medicine concern partner. Please carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions of this agreement before you continue with your purchase. Ordering from us confirms that you have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to change, modify, and update our Terms and Conditions anytime. To read the most current version, always click on “Terms and Condition” to review the changes. Remember, this website is not projected to be used as a medical emergency and does not cater to any healthcare urgencies.

Order Processing and Acceptance

Each order submitted online on pillsforsleeping.com is processed before confirmation. The company reserves the right to either accept the order placed by the customer or refuse it. The refusal of the order is dependent on the following conditions:

  • An issue in order processing due to error in the contact information provided by the customer.
  • An issue in order processing due to complications during bank transfer and the company does not receive the amount.
  • Medication is ordered by the customer not available anymore without a prescription due to governmental regulatory.

Once the order is received, the company will be sending an email on the provided email address with the details of the money transfer through the bank. Once the payment is received to the company, you will receive a confirmation receipt of your complete order. In case you do not receive either the bank transfer details email or order confirmation email, immediately contact us. Do not place another order and wait for our response.

If you believe your order is wrongfully rejected by the company you reserve the right to inquire and contact us for details. Visit our Contact Us to send us your concern via email.

Availability of the Medicine

Pills for Sleeping have a complete right to make any changes to the brand available on the website. We can switch to any similar brand at any time, though it usually happens only when we are out of stock.

Pricing of the Medicine

Pills for Sleeping can never be held liable for the changes in prices of the medicine. We can change the rates or description of the medicine at any time without any prior notification. Though once the order has been accepted and is being proceeded, the new changes in price or description will not affect the on-going order query.

Filling the Order Completion Form

The user must fill the form completely before checking out. Please be informed to act on the guidelines, including:

  • When placing the order, wait for the email sent by the company inquiring about banking details. Complete the bank transfer as instructed in the email. We reserve the right to change the bank transfer method anytime.
  • Before completing the order, make sure to recheck your address and contact details once again. Any mistake can delay the delivery of the package and the company shall not be responsible for that.
  • Once the payment will be cleared in our bank account, the order will be dispatched soon.

Order Cancellation or Order Changes by Customer

The user or customer reserves the right to cancel or change their order anytime unless the order has not been processed by the company. Once the order enters the processing phase, no changes to the order can be made. In case of order cancellation, once the order has been processed, the company is not liable for any refund.

Tracking of Order

It is possible to track your order by contacting us via the Contact Us page. It is advised though to wait until the expected shipment delivery data. Once the order does not reach you at the expected time than share your query with us.

Delivery of Order

At the time of order placement, there can be a case of non-availability of the medicine. In such a stance, the company will inform before order cancellation.

The shipment charges or handling expenses will be calculated depending upon the country or the residency. The charges may increase in case of customs duties or tariffs, which the customer is liable to pay off.

The date and time for the delivery is always an estimation which can be affected due to public holidays, issues from the supplier, law and order situation, or issues with the postal system. We can only provide the user with an estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the package.

The company reserves the right to deliver the ordered medications in separate shipments, this usually happens due to the availability of the medicine.

Once the order is received by the customer, it would be their sole property and we would have no claim over it. The customer is responsible for any damage or loss of the order once it is received.


Refunds are applicable only when a package reived by pillsforsleeping.com is faulty, damaged, or not what you ordered. The loss to the order or damage to it after being handed over with the package does not cover in refunds. Kindly visit Refund Policy to know more about the policy.